What does cookies stands for?

A small text files that are sent to mobile phones, computers or any other internet enabled connected devices whenever you visit a website is known as a Cookie.  The main function of cookies is to make website work efficiently and analyze the website traffic for providing marketing and businesses to enable developers informed regarding decisions related to website advancements. Cookies never provide access to your personal information or computers apart from the information you agree to share with us. Users themselves can select to decline or accept cookies. However, most of the web browsers accept cookies automatically.


  • Helps in enhancing your experience by memorizing the information provided to websites
  • Helps to allow websites work correctly and make it secure
  • Helps in understanding how users use website.

Make Modifications in Cookies Settings

In case you want to make modifications in the cookie settings, then you can apply modifications in the settings of your browser. However each of the web browsers works differently and so one needs to start it by searching keyword “cookie settings” in the web browser. Moreover, in certain instances, when some modifications are made in the cookie settings, some of the cookies might get blocked thereby creating significantly negative impact on the entire website platform.

User Consent and Use of Cookies

By selecting to use our website, you here by provide your consent to use the cookies that are associated with our website. Moreover, you agree to use our website and abide by our updated cookie policy.  Though there are various types of cookies available there, but we mainly use cookies including third-party cookies, performance cookies, advertising cookies/targeting cookies and necessary cookies.

Necessary Cookies: This type of cookies helps to ensure that the website operates as per the expectations of the users. In case, users choose to block the cookies on the web browser, then we cannot ensure that our website will perform as intended.

Performance Cookies: Such cookies helps in enhancing the ways the website run and tell us which of the website pages is visited by the users more often and how the visitors visits each website page. Performance cookies are used for recording errors in the website. Moreover, Google Analytics is used for gathering statistics of visitors for enhancing website and relevant data processing agreements. Types of information we may collect:

  • Information about browsing actions
  • General location of the visitors of the website.

Third Party Cookies: For correct functionality operation of the third parties like YouTube and Stripe, we might provide cookies that are necessary. These third parties deliver functionalities that are embedded in our website. Moreover, our website also include social media links such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, and these third party social networking companies does not deliver cookies unless a user specifically selects the link and navigate to their website.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies: Though this type of cookies are used by various web browsers, but we do not use these advertising cookies are our website.

Cookies Policy Update

Our cookie policy might be changed from time to time so ensure that you agree to our changed cookie policy and visit website page periodically to get yourself updated about our cookies policy.