Smart, Elegant and Affordable Business Cards

Get rid of conventional business cards and avail corporate card subscription to have contactless card cost effectively.

Flexible & Forward Thinking

Contactless Business Solution

Contactless Business Cards include your name, title and company, contact information, location, picture or video, company logo. Along with this, one can links social media links such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc to their business card information.

Centralized and Flexible Business Contact

Creating contact card is incredibly flexible and simple, and employees account can be handled from single account. For employees having low cost per month in industries, the average cost over year per employee is lower than that of purchasing digital business cards.

Employee-Manager Information Link

Employee’s Profile information shared with manager can be controlled through manager account. Contact Card helps businesses to stand out among other businesses and inline the corporate identity of their employees.

Company-wide continuity

Every employee’s Profile details will share information that is controlled by a single Manager’s account. Meaning


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