Smart Communication

Share your customized digital cards with anyone near or far.

Easy to Use

Simply edit or update your card rather than reprinting the entire batch of business cards.


Digital cards are en absolute medium for your company that will surely distinguish your brand from others.


Digital cards will help your save your money that would have been spent on paper based business cards.

Make your business’s first impression impactful just by clicking a single tap on your phone that will generate a link opening your contact details. You can create your digital profile using CONTACT CARD and make your business information available online.

Your digital profile at Contact Cards acts as a gateway to get a prospective employer that will create significantly positive impact on your organization. Moreover, a well-written digital profile provides a competitive edge to your business.

To build your digital profile, start with well-crafted information in your bio section that will bring out your core achievements, skills, competencies and strengths. Moreover, always use high clarity/high-resolution photographs that describe your profile.